Get started with running the right way!

Are you having a hard time knowing where to start? With Racefox Run you can progressively improve the balance and strength you need to run for longer distances. It'a also more fun to exercise that way.Your coach is waiting!

Key Features

motion analysis.

audio coaching.

and adaptive.

“I always said that I'm not a runner. But I think with the right training and the right mindset from the start, I will be able to make it.” 

MALIN, Racefox User

Racefox Run

Your Racefox coach helps you to train smarter to run longer. The full-body motion analysis can detect asymmetries during your run and guide you to a better understanding of the underlying cause.



Start slow and face the challenges

Your coach makes sure you get a smooth start by alternating running and walking. As you get used to running, you will learn how to keep your pulse steady and increase the distance.

Run without getting injured

Whether it is about strenghtening your core, improving your flexibility or both to reach your goal: Racefox Run quickly detects any imbalances that can lead to injury. The coach will give you the advice you need to run for longer periods at a time.

Personalised app

Get a fully tailored training plans to your needs and level. Reaching your ideal 5K time isn't just about running faster: we analyse and provide insights that will improve your running just after a few sessions!

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