Stay balanced, avoid injuries.

Do you tend to feel pain in your knees or hips as soon as you start training? This may be due to imbalances in your body or your way of moving. With Racefox Run can detect the source of this problem, and guide your to run in a whole new way to avoid further injuries and pain.

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Key Features

motion analysis.

audio coaching.

and adaptive.

“I wanted to get a better understanding of how I currently run, and how I can improve my overall technique to become faster and minimize friction on my body.” 

JOSEFINE, Racefox User

Racefox Run

With Racefox Run, you will get the assistance you need every step of the way. Nothing beats a solid training plan, and a smart personal trainer. All you need is the motivation!



Limit your injury risk

Do you need to improve your strength, flexibility, or both, to reach your goal? Racefox Run can quickly find any imbalances that can lead to an injury and give you the advice you need to avoid them.

Sharpen your running technique

Racefox Run helps you understand how your movement pattern affects your running and lets you know how you can improve. Are you doing it right? Your coach will let you know while you're running with live feedback!

Reach your goal with a smart plan

Keep your motivation on top with a coach who constantly adjusts your training plan to your needs and your progress - a key aspect for a smooth recovery. Frequency and guided exercises together with technique exercises tailored to your needs will provide the support you need to reach your goals.

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