Run longer with Racefox!

Are you thinking about how best to prepare for a marathon or a half marathon like Lidingöloppet or Göteborgsvarvet? With Racefox Run you get the coaching you need to complete the race in your best form. Exercise and improve your technique, balance and endurance - you will know exactly what to do by the time you get to that starting line!

Key Features

motion analysis.

audio coaching.

and adaptive.

"I'm beginning to be pretty well prepared for the race. When I look at the analysis on Racefox, it shows me that my core strength isn't optimal"

MONICA, Racefox User

Racefox Run

With Racefox Run, you will get the assistance you need every step of the way. Nothing beats a solid training plan, and a smart personal trainer. All you need is the motivation!



Reach your goal with a smart plan

Keep your motivation on top with a coach who constantly adjusts your training plan to your needs and your progress - a key aspect for a smooth recovery. Frequency and guided exercises together with technique exercises tailored to your needs will provide the support you need to reach your goals.

Sharpen your running technique

Racefox Run helps you understand how your movement pattern affects your running and lets you know how you can improve. Are you doing it right? Your coach will let you know while you're running with live feedback!

Personalised app

Get a fully tailored training plans to your needs and level. Reaching your ideal finish time isn't just about running faster: we analyse and provide insights that will improve your running just after a few sessions!

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All you need to succeed at Göteborgsvarvet.
All you need to succeed at Lidingöloppet. Digital seeding.