Racefox lets you develop your technique by analysing key components in your skiing movement.

It coaches you with real time feedback while in training and by means of personalized training plans..

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Key Features

motion analysis.

audio coaching.

and adaptive.

Improve your technique,


An 8-minute test that explains your current skiing ability is the first step in your development.

Racefox measures how powerful your attack is while poling, how well you apply your core strength, how high your frequency is and how consistent your movement is.


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Understand your level

You will be able to look at your data in-depth after each session and explore all the information that Racefox captures.

Personalised training sessions

Racefox creates optimized training sessions for you based on your movement data. The effect is that you always focus on the right exercise when you are training.

Real-time coach

You will get feedback from the real time coach in each stroke. Thus you get immediate confirmation if you move in the best way.

I am preparing for a race

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Ski Standard
Made for you that wants to improve your skiing technique.
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