Racefox 5 km Spring Run.


APRIL 28 - MAY 16

Get out and run - experience voice coaching!

  • April 28 – May 16
  • 5 km running - wherever and whenever you want. Run as many times as you like!
  • Compete against yourself among others
  • Racefox real-time voice feedback helps to bring the best out of you
  • Participations lead to donations to Medecins sans Frontiers


Run with Racefox Run app and get real time feedback on your technique, projected end time and performance. The AI-coach will help you in doing a great 5k and make you feel good about yourself. Show casing all that makes running with Racefox special. 

You can participate with or without a smartbelt. It will be more fun with a belt since the coach can help you more. Don't forget that a Polar H10 will also work. In Sweden you can borrow a belt in selected stores. 

This 5k run will be a perfect way of getting into this running season.

How to participate


  • Your time will be tracked all results are good results

  • Participate many times, your best result is counted

  • The race is open until May 16

  • It's free

  • You do not need an active Racefox subscription to participate

  • Run with or without a belt (with: Racefox or Polar H10)

  • Share your race on social media

  • Run again with a friend!

Spring Run with a jackpot:

To make the run more rewarding eveyone can trigger the jackpot! 

We want as many to participate in this run. Every 50th run will trigger a donation to Medecins Sans Frontiers of Eur 150 (or SEK 1500). The AI -coach will tell you during your run if this was the lucky one. Even if some countries have come quite far in their vaccination schemes for COVID-19 the majority of the world has gotten nowhere. By supporting Medecins Sans Frontiers you are helping them get vaccine to these countries.  

Questions? Contact support@racefox.com 

Check out the leaderboard!

Get started following these steps:


  1. Download Racefox Run app or update to latest version

  2. @home: double check optimization advice below 

  3. @race start: Warm up properly

  4. In app under "run" select exercise: "5k Spring Run" or "5k spring run w/o belt"

  5. During countdown put your phone away

  6. Get running and listen to all great voice coaching

  7. Once past 5k mark the app will auto-stop

  8. You will find feedback in the app and on web leaderboard

  9. Celebrate! You're a champ


Optimization settings, Android:
  • Make sure app has "always" access to location
  • Remove all battery savings modes
  • Exampt Racefox app from battery savings settings. Lock app or exempt from sleeping.
  • Check that you can hear the sound. 

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