The race continues.

Between March 14 and April 11 you will finally have a chance to race against others and get into the racing feeling again. 

You will use the Racefox Ski app for your participation. It will give you voice feedback on your performance, predicted end time, pulse and will cheer you one so that you can draw perform at your best. 

Racefox Ski requires you to have a belt. If you don't there are options. You can use the Polar H10 HRM belt. You can borrow from a friend that is wise enough to have a Racefox one. Or if in Sweden you can borrow a belt in the locations listed at the bottom. 

Don't have any snow? That will also be ok, you can compete on roller skis or skis in two different classes.

This race is the perfect prep for Vasaloppet, Birken or any other of the few races available. 

How you can compete

Race format:

  • Time base, fastest time wins.

  • Two classes, skis or roller skies.

  • Participate as many times as you want.

  • Race is until 11 of April

  • Participation is free

  • Anyone can participate - no Racefox subscription needed

  • You need a belt, a Racefox smartbelt or Polar H10

Winners in Spring ski competition:

Men 1 Roger Hållstrand Salming voucher
Men 2 Tord Gjerdalen BIB Vasaloppet
Men 3 Seth Gustavsson BIB Vasaloppet
Ladies 1 Elin Mohlin Apple Airpods
Ladies 2 Elin Ek BIB Vasaloppet
Ladies 3 Lilia Monahova BIB Vasaloppet
Ladies Chatrine Segersten BIB Lidingöloppet
Ladies Johanna Linde Racefox 12 months
Men Ola Snellingen Racefox 12 months
Men Alexander Höyer Racefox 6 months
Men Björn Johannesson BIB Lidingöloppet
Men Jacob Uhlin BIB Marcialonga
Men Marc Ebanks Racefox 6 months
Men Lars Jansson BIB Marcialonga

If you have any questions contact support@racefox.com


Follow our interactive leaderboard!

Get started following these steps:


  1. Download Racefox Ski app or update to latest version

  2. @home: double check optimization advice below

  3. Find a warm pocket for the phone. To start the race you will need to use the phone. 

  4. @race start: Warm up properly

  5. In app under "ski" select exercise: "10k Double Poling"

  6. During countdown put your phone away

  7. Ski away and listen to all great voice coaching

  8. Once past 10k mark the app will auto-stop

  9. You will find feedback in the app and on web leaderboard

  10. Celebrate! You're a champ


Optimization settings, Android:
  • Make sure app has "always" access to location
  • Remove all battery savings modes
  • Exampt Racefox app from battery savings settings. Lock app or exempt from sleeping.
  • Check that you can hear the sound. 

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