Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have an issue or a question which is not addressed below, please contact Racefox Support.

What is included in the monthly billing?
When you start subscribing to Racefox you get access to the Racefox application available for download to your smartphone. For the app to work you need a sensorbelt which Racefox will send to you additionally. Once you start using the app with the sensor belt then you will get access to tests, exercises and coaching advice as long as you remain a subscriber. You can manage your account on Racefox My Pages once you become a customer.

Can I test and see if I like the product?
You need to subscribe to the service for at least three months. After this you can pause your subscription if you wish.

What type of feedback do I get?
We believe in voice based communication and that feedback should come directly while training. The app gives you voice feedback based on your preferences but is also cued when we find it appropriate. If you have a Samsung phone you might need to select Google text to speech engine to hear the voice feedback.  

Can I upgrade from standard to a race pack?
Yes, you can upgrade from standard to one of our race packs at any time. Once the binding period has past you can also downgrade if you wish. Go to Racefox my pages on the web to manage your subscription. 

Do I have to bring the phone to use Racefox?
Yes, your sensor belt continously sends movement data to your phone for processing throughout the whole training session. We will release a stand alone iWatch version by the end of 2018.

What are the phone and OS requirements for the service to work? 
You need an Android based phone with Bluetooth that has OS 4.3 or later installed. For IOS users you need version 7 or later.

Regarding One Plus phones there are options to hindering the app to be put in the background - CLICK HERE

Regarding Huawei phones there are options to improve GPS data accuracy and general stability CLICK HERE.

Is Racefox only for elite skiers?
No, Racefox is a personalized digital coach and the methodology will develop skiers on all levels. We have testing Racefox together with skiers on all levels since 2013.

Can I sync my tracks?
You can sync your Polar Flow and Garmin Connect tracks to Racefox on my pages. We are working on cross sync functionality within soon. You can also download tracks from my pages in standard formats.

How quickly will I see results?
Most users get immediate insights in what their strengths and weaknesses are. Suggested exercises with real time feedback support your quick development. Already after three sessions results usually show. For sustainable effects the only recipe is to train and train but with clear focus on technique enhancing exercises.

Where is my information stored?
The information is stored in a secure cloud based storage and can only be accessed with your personal account details. 

Can other users view my data?
No. The information is stored separately and is protected by your login information. All passwords are encrypted. 

Can several users share one sensor belt?
The belt is not tied to your subscription but the app is. If a user shares one account all the analysis and coaching becomes less relevant since the data is unclean. 

Can I use the sensor belt for heart rate data without using the Racefox app?
Racefox sensor belt includes a HR sensor and this data can be used with other services such as Endonomdo. 

Can I follow my friends progress from within the app?
No, unfortunately not at this time.

Do I have to change batteries in the sensor belt?
No, the belt comes with a built-in rechargeble battery that has at least 50 hours of capacity. You can recharge the battery with the micro-USB cable that we send together with the belt. In addition, the sensor belt has an on/off button so for normal usage the battery supports 2-3 months of normal training in beween recharging.

Does the sensor belt work well in cold weather?
Yes it works since the belt is strapped to your body the outdoor temperature is not a problem. 

What happens if I am not happy with Racefox?
Your first action should always be to contact We will get back to you immediately.

Will Racefox also work for Rollerskiing?
Yes! In fact using Racefox to practice the diagonal movement while roller skiing ensures that you learn the right movement. Racefox automatically detects if you are skiing on snow or on wheels and adapts accordingly. 

What to do if I am unable to connect the phone and the sensor belt?
The phone and sensor belt are connected through Bluetooth. When you first start to use the service you will make sure that the phone and the belt is paired properly. If there is a problem you need to re-pair the phone and the smartbelt. Failing to solve the problem that way a last resort is to press and hold the on/off button on the sensor belt for ten seconds. This creates a hard reset of the belt and can often trigger the phone to pair properly with the belt.

What are your delivery times?
We use PostNord and deliver with 2-3 working days in Sweden and the Nordics. For European destinations you usually need to add one additional day to this. We have successfully delivered to Australia and Russia. For Russia we use recommended letter service with track and trace to ensure proper delivery.

How will Racefox use up my smartphone battery?
The app does not draw much battery capacity while using it. But when the phone get cold in skiing conditions its battery capacity will be reduced substantially. We recommend putting the phone close to the body for optimal performance when its cold outdoors. Please contact för more instructions should you have further concerns. 

Product gurantee offered?
Racefox offers a guarantee on the sensor belt as long as your remain a subscribing customer, up to twelve months. Beyond this, active customers will be offered a replacement belt at reduced price. Related shipping charges will be borne by the customer. If a customer ceases to subscribe after the binding time expires Racefox will only offer guarantee in cases where product was faulty at time of purchase. The guarantee is only valid for usage in line with user manual instructions.  

Is the cost deductible in Sweden under the "friskvårdsbidrag" tax policy?

Yes it is. According to Swedish Tax Authority decision 131 160864-15/111 (Motions- och friskvårdsförmånder som tillhandahålls i bostaden), the service costs are fully deductible for the user. However, the value of the Smartbelt is not when you sign up for the service first time. Your employer need to declare a value of SEK 279 for the smartbelt. Should you continue with the service, change subscription or change sport the amount is fully deductible.