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Tord, tell us a little about your 10k ski race!

I tried to get into the same pace as I did during Vasaloppet. The tracks was nice and slightly downhill, so I manged to ski quite fast. Had it been in a sprint, I would probably have gotten my attack up further, but I tried to keep the effort as on a longer race.

Do you have any thoughts about your win Vasaloppet?

I tried a new strategy that was about giving everything I had right from the start. And it seems to have worked fine, maybe that's something I should always do. Towards the end of the race my legs were really tired, which people might have been seen watching me on TV. My only thought was not to let the the Swede chasing me back into the game and to keep standing, and that I managed! Incredibly fun to win Vasaloppet and it has been completely crazy afterwards. Congratulations also to Lina who put in a a fantastic performance.

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