Faster. Longer. Forever – with Racefox.

Racefox provides an innovative and unique way of training with real time voice coaching. All you have to do is to move and the AI coach will follow and guide you.


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How it works

The world’s first real-time digital coach for runners and XC skiers

Racefox coaches you in personalized heart rate training and effective technique, with powerful real-time voice feedback. You will be pushing yourself into pulse zones you normally don’t train in. Successfully complete intervals that you previously found hard to manage. With the Racefox-coach in your ear time will fly by.


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Whatever your goal, Racefox can help you get there. Faster.

Before you know it, spring will be here and so will that race you signed up for. The marathon. The 10k you want to crush. The charity race you’re running with work friends. No matter what your race, Racefox can take you to the finish line strong.

Racefox improves technique and speed within as little as four training sessions. In fact, Racefox runners report a 7% improvement in race times.


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