The world's first real-time digital coach for running and XC skiing

Racefox captures full-body movement from a chest sensor for real-time coaching.


Train faster, longer, forever with Racefox.

Imagine a coach who can give you constructive live feedback while exercising, with solid advice on how to can improve your posture and your movement pattern. A coach who understands your strengths and weaknesses, keeping track of your training journey and making sure each session takes you closer to your goal.

Welcome to Racefox!

key features

Personalised experience

Many training apps lean offer a wide display of data. Our goal is to put your training in focus, and offer insights to understand how you can improve. Based on your training data, Racefox follows each step of your progress, giving you an individually tailored coaching with real-time feedback.

Understand what it takes

Most people who train with Racefox get faster - but performance is not everything. It is just as important for you to get to know your body, be wary to avoid injuries, to be able to run longer!

Reach your full potential

With Racefox Racepacks you get access to tailored training plans for your big race. By the time you step on that starting line, you will know what to do to reach your goal. 

Improve your running with Racefox

Racefox Run is a Swedish real-time ditigal coach that transforms all your data into tangible advice and real-time coaching. The more you train with Racefox Coach, the more personalised and improved your session will be. 

Increase endurance and monitor your imbalance

Your Racefox coach helps you to train smarter to run longer. The full-body motion analysis can detect asymmetries during your run and guide you to a better understanding of the underlying cause.

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