The fastest way to become faster is not running fast.
It’s running smart.




Running plans

Racefox makes every run count by

adapting to your personal effort, recovery

and performance.



Running technique

Racefox improves running technique and

speed within as little as four training

sessions. Our runners report a average

7% improvement in race times.




Injury prevention

Racefox’s injury prevention system can alert and

prevent oncoming injury before it happens by

tracking your balance and form.


Adaptive HR Zone Technology

Racefox identifies and adapts to your

personal heart rate zones as you become

more fit. It can also identify your

thresholds with high accuracy -

something that usually takes expensive

lab equipment.




The Racefox Smartbelt is what makes it

all possible. It connects to your phone

and let’s the coach see your effort and

your movement.

The belt is included in your subscription.


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Moa Lundgren, silvermedaljör terräng-SM

Racefox gör mig sjukt

motiverad. Jag har blivit

mer uthållig, snabbare

och hållt mig skadefri

hela löpsäsongen!”