Through a full-body analysis captured by

the Racefox Smart Belt, Racefox uses

AI technology to see your movements as

you ski and then creates a personalized

coaching plan designed to help you meet your goals.


The belt is included in your subscription.


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Understand your level

The key to becoming faster and
increasing endurance is improving your
technique. Your Racefox coach can help
you do just that, improving your ski
technique and helping you “find the
feeling” that will propel you forward.

Last year's Vasalopps participants who trained with Racefox
improved their race-times by an average of 36 minutes.

Tord Asle Gjerdalen, Wisma Ski Classics winner

Racefox drives skiers to

understand the core

of modern double poling

and to work on all parts

of the classic skiing movement.

I love it!”