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Are you looking to beat your personal record? Racefox Run evaluates your performance level and guides you towards your goal. Train specifically with the personalised training program you need to improve your technique, balance and endurance.

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Key Features

motion analysis.

audio coaching.

and adaptive.

“I've improved quickly. It is amazingly satisfying to see how simple the changes in my running style could make me run much faster. Without getting tired, and without exercising more.” 

ANDERS, Racefox User

Racefox Run

Your Racefox coach helps you to train smarter to run longer.  The full-body motion analysis can detect asymmetries during your run and guide you to a better understanding of the underlying cause.



A smart plan designed for you

Keep your motivation on top with a coach who constantly adjusts the training plan to your needs and progress. Frequency and drills sessions, alternated with longer distances and technique excersises that will result in a better performance. 

Sharpen your running technique

Racefox Run helps you understand how your movement pattern affects your running and lets you know how you can improve. How do you know if you are headed in the right direction? Your coach will let you know with live-feedback while training!

Run without getting injured

Do you need to improve your strength, flexibility, or both, to reach your goal? Racefox Run can quickly find any imbalances that can lead to an injury and give you the advice you need to avoid them. 

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