Racefox Spring Ski Race

Claes Kalderén

Tord Asle Gjerdalen won Vasaloppet this year dominating the race through his powerful double poling. Tord uses Swedish AI-company Racefox technology to perfect his technique. 

Now Tord invites Swedish and Norwegian skiers to try in a 10k virtual ski race. "I tried to ski my 10k race in the same tempo that I used when winning Vasaloppet. So the other participants can compare their race with my Vasalopp."

Already several established skiers have taken up the challenge of beating Tord's time. We're also expecting norwegian skiers to enter the race. And there will be stiff competition also on the ladies side. 

However this challenge is for everyone, from everyday skiing athletes to elite skiers. Everyone recieved AI-powered interactive voice coaching during the race. Once you're done one gets detailed technique feedback and can compare wih Tord and other competitors to deduct how to improve. In the interactive leaderboard one can find drtails on how others have performed during the race and what this translates to in Vasaloppet. Fun and innovative format offered to all that loves to ski.